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Gallery of Sold Items:

Sometimes auction is not the best option. 

As an auctioneer at the helm of a well-known auction company, it was always tough to tell clients when auction just was not the best choice. It was frustrating to turn them away, yet the company did not handle private treaty sales and our culture was to put the client's best interests first - a philosophy I stand behind. That's why when I stepped out on my own, I knew a cadre of services needed to include private treaty options. Maybe you are unfamiliar with the terminology, but private treaty is just a fancy way of describing a private sale between a buyer and seller.

Since launching my solo services in mid-2018, I have sold more than $2,000,000 in art, antiques, and collectibles by identifying the best opportunities for my clients and then leveraging my experience, relationships, and knowledge of the marketplace to maximize their return. Contact me for a list of references, or to learn more about my services.

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