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Appraisal Services

In 24 years of working in the auction and appraisal industry, I have personally reviewed and managed the expert review of over 500,000 objects.

That's a lot of stuff.

When hiring an appraiser, most people are seeking someone with expertise in the specific object(s) needing to be appraised. Believe it or not, that is not the most significant factor when choosing an appraiser. What is most important when valuing rare or unique art, antiques, and other collectible items is experience across a wide variety of materials, access to and relationships with a wide variety of experts, and the ability to make nuanced comparisons between similar items. 


That's why I am leveraging my years of experience with reviewing all manner of art, antiques, and other hard-to-value assets to assist attorneys, executors, and collectors with determining the most accurate fair market or insurance values for individual objects or entire collections.


My clients have found me uniquely positioned and experienced to help them in a myriad of ways:

  • determining fair market values for the purposes of settling an estate, divorce, or liquidation for bankruptcy

  • advising on negotiation strategy related to hard-to-value assets in high-net-worth divorces

  • preparing professional and detailed reports and testimony as an expert witness in probate, domestic, and civil courts  

  • preparing replacement value appraisals for insurance purposes

Many years ago, a business advisor told me that my "no" response would be more important than my "yes" response. Contact me today for a free evaluation of your appraisal needs. If hiring me does not make sense, I will let you know - and more importantly, I will put you in touch with the right resources to meet your specific needs.

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