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Amelia Jeffers Returns to the Auction Podium

The article was published in the September 2022 issue of Maine Antique Digest, written by Susan Emerson Nutter (8/22/2022).

Be it producing Sophisticated Living, a glossy magazine touting Ohio’s elegant lifestyle; helping clients find their dream home as a Realtor; or pulling together and—with gavel in hand—conducting auctions of antiques or luxury items, Amelia Jeffers of Columbus, Ohio, is one busy woman.

Although she enjoys the many hats she wears, Jeffers agrees she is most in her element putting together an auction and seeing it through to completion. This makes sense since Jeffers co-owned Garth’s Auctions for more than 20 years. She has dipped her toe back into the waters (see page 114), doing auctions to help friends and charities several times these past few years.

Jeffers has confirmed that she is now accepting consignments for fall auctions, operating as Cultivate Collectors’ Services. The auctions will be conducted in the old Garth’s barn, now called The Barn at Stratford and owned by the Delaware County Historical Society as a part of the Meeker Homestead in Delaware, Ohio. Garth’s Auctions had operated on the site from 1954 to 2018.

Jeffers has launched a new portion of her website (

“I am beyond excited to once again dedicate the majority of my time to my first love,” Jeffers stated. “Working with the consignors, coordinating, and cataloging, then standing at the auction podium selling. I love it all. To be able to do so ‘back home’ in the beautifully renovated ‘Garth’s’ barn, I get emotional just thinking about it. I am so very grateful to the Delaware County Historical Society for the opportunity and can’t wait to conduct my first auction there.”

“Conduct my first auction there?” Technically, no. Returning to where it all began? Better. Fall seems appropriate for a homecoming.


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